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Born in 1973, This Quebec based artist has always had a passion for colour. As the daughter of an artist, Vanessa has been surrounded by art her entire life. Her childhood dream was not to become a ballerina or nurse like her peers – she wanted to be an artist, like Picasso and her father, both of whom she truly admired. Her intention with her art, however, is not to imitate but to let her inspiration from those she admires shine through while conveying her own story.

Vanessa is a self-taught artist, not having completed any formal education as a mother at the age of 20. She would spend hours in the library learning art history and fundamentals - how to mix colours, convey movement, different brush techniques. From those studies, she formed her own artistic language.

“I learned there the importance of movement, a movement that evolves slowly like a mind and the hands of the artist, you know this movement, the one that becomes your imprint, it can never be copied.”

Inspired by nature and her experiences, Vanessa paints with passion, emotion, and her strong interior. She lets herself be swayed by energy and moments as they pass, using them to fuel the shapes and colours she chooses to create. She describes her universe as an enchanted forest where each painting takes on its own look, its own life. Her characters encourage an exploration of the depths of your spirit.

Mixed media on canvas
72" X 48"
Mixed media on canvas
64" X 59"
Mixed media on canvas
64.5" X 50"
Mixed media on canvas
58" X 40"



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