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Chantal P. Durocher

Chantal Poulin-Durocher was born and raised in Montréal, Québec. After becoming dissatisfied with contemporary visual art studies and practices at the time, Durocher became a student of Classical art training at the Mission Renaissance Fine Art Institute in California.

It was during this time the artist found herself rebelling against institutionalized contemporary art standards. Durocher spent much of her studies focusing on the classical techniques of drawing and painting, refining her mastery of Realist, representational art. It was with these skills the artist would later utilize as a vehicle for her Deconstructionist aesthetic.

Durocher continued her artistic development by concentrating on Impressionist landscapes, as well as Expressionist renderings. Eventually shifting her focus totally from Realism to pure abstraction. In 2009, in an attempt to further experience a new social and visual environment, Chantal Poulin-Durocher emigrated from Quebec to Central America. The artist set up her first studio in Costa Rica, before continuing her practice to the beaches of Panama, where she still resides today.

Chantal incorporates her personal convictions into her work, drawing inspiration from her Buddhist beliefs, and more recently, her love and respect for sentient beings. Her latest body of work consists of a series of large-scale portraits, depicting animals that have become exploited in modern times. In this series, Poulin-Durocher has come full circle from abstraction to representation, presenting us with realistic, figurative pieces that resonate with her classical technique.

Acrylic on canva
50" x 76"
Aura III
Oil on canvas
60" x 48"
Acrylic and oil on canvas
19" x 35"
Impermanence IV
Oil on linen
24" x 48"
Vitakka, Impermanence I
Oil on linen
45" x 55"
Impermanence III
Oil on linen
32" x 51"
Leaves' fossils
Acrylic on raw linen canvas
54" X 68"
Color Footprint
Acrylic on cotton canvas
60" X 120"
Day Of Happiness
Acrylic on cotton canvas
60" X 56"
Cordon Bleu
Oil and acrylic on raw linen
65" x 90"
Half Full or Half Empty
Oil and pastel on raw linen
59" x 63"
Joy of Giving
Acrylic and oil on canvas
74" x 80"
No Regrets
Acrylic on canvas
60" x 60"
On The Other Side
Acrylic on canvas
76" x 95"
The more I know you, the more I love you
Oil and Pastel on Linen
36" X 96"
Oil, acrylic and pastel on linen
52" X 52"


Aura IV
Acrylic and oil on canvas
62" x 48"
Aura II
Acrylic and oil on canvas
52" x 52"
Blue Aura
Acrylic and oil on canvas
76" x 56"
Impermanence II
Oil on raw linen
40" x 70"
Miss my mom
Oil and oil pastel on linen
60" X 84"
Tagged lamb
Oil and oil pastel on linen
60" X 84"
Please don't ham me
Oil and oil pastel on linen
60" X 72"
Oil and pastel on linen
48" X 60"
Friend not food
Acrylic and pastel on linen
60" X 84"
Where are they taking Me
Mixed media on linen
56.5" X 86"
Oil and oil pastel on linen
58" X 81"
Please Don’t kill my friend
Charcoal on linen
75" X 60"

Ours Sur Sa Banquise
Acrylic and oil spray on raw linen canvas
30" X 56"



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