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Jean Gaudreau was born in Quebec City in 1964. At a very young age, he showed an interest for the arts, particularly drawing and painting. This prompted him to enroll in classes that eventually lead to a college degree in plastic arts and a BA from Laval University in 1988. In 1990, Jean Gaudreau embarked on a cultural journey to Europe (Paris and Venice) that encouraged him to study the great European Masters.

After exploring several artistic paths, Jean Gaudreau opted for the non-figurative form, a demanding discipline that was then appreciated only by a limited group of people. But his unshakeable resolve allowed him to persist and follow through with his artistic approach.

In 2012, Gaudreau seized the opportunity to explore the integration of recycled copper fragments originating in 1893 from the Château Frontenac’s roof, a symbol Quebec’s architectural heritage. These recovered copper pieces, oxidized by the verdigris constitute an extraordinary source of inspiration or the artist and represented a major turning point in his artistic progression. Gaudreau folded, remodeled, sculpted and numbered one hundred of these copper fragments and encased them in a frame as part of a series. This series’ inaugural gallery representation has been bestowed to the Thompson Landry Gallery.

Jean Gaudreau’s artworks are found in several important public and private collections, including the Cirque du Soleil, Charlesbourg District, Canada’s National Library, Quebec’s Théâtre Impérial, Québécor, as well Premier Tech Enterprise, to name just a few.

Cascade d'histoire
Copper from 1893 - mixed media
63" X 42.5"
Dérégularisation du temps I
Copper from 1893 - mixed media
63" X 42.5"
Le cœur du réel
Copper from 1893 - mixed media
56.5" X 42.5"
Mémoire du Chateau No 150
Copper from 1893 - mixed media
67" X 50"


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