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Diane Desmarais

Throughout Diane Desmarais' extensive career of more than thirty years, she has displayed an unending commitment to her own personal expression as an artist. Her flowing, sensual figures exhibit both intense emotion and sensitivity that can be universally understood. Desmarais was born in Hull, Quebec in 1946 and graduated from Montreal's Ecole des Beaux-arts in 1969. Desmarais' work has been sold in all four continents of the world, housed in both public and private art collections. Her first solo exhibition took place in 1979 in Hull, Quebec and she has since shown her work in various solo and group exhibitions both in Canada and internationally. Desmarais' paintings are part of many important collections of art collectors and even celebrities such as Samuel L. Jackson.

Despite the intimacy between the figures in her compositions, Desmarais' pieces are not explicitly erotic, and her cleverly conceived subjects depict tenderness of their affection as their dominant feature. The universality of her subject-matter can be attributed to her success not only in Canada but also abroad. Desmarais' artistic world is a space in which love and passion are exchanged without reservation. These pieces are an intense demonstration of the artist's understanding of warmth, communication and love. The physical interaction between the figures conveys the intimate and private side of human passion, which can be revealed through the simplest touch.

Faut-il être près du rosier pour voir éclore la rose
Oil on canvas
44" X 84"
If you surrender...
Oil on canvas
36" X 72"


Je me suis toujours sentie extrêmement caprice de toi
Oil on canvas
46" X 70"
Kicking Clouds
Oil on canvas
48" X 54"
Amour Blanc
Oil on canvas
18" X 22"


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