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Renée duRocher

Renée duRocher was born, and currently lives and works in the city of Granby, Quebec. Having been active in the visual arts since 1976, duRocher has a large number of solo and group shows to her credit, both in Canada and abroad. Despite this international recognition, she has remained deeply attached to her home town.

Renée duRocher is an artist consumed by history and colour. She uses figurative and intuitive painting techniques to call time and history into question. With history permeating landmarks, archaeological and sacred sites, she ambitiously attempts to address and depict these historically significant scenes. Often through a series of paintings, she tells a pictorial narrative within a passage of time, exposing the fragility and impermanence of the human race.

Her creative process has been compared to that of Riopelle, as famously quoted, “I don’t paint nature, I paint the impression it has on me”. In the same way, she blends her vision of history with her vivid imagination. Although her works are expressed in a contemporary aesthetic, the old and new merge to create its own place where explorations of the ephemeral, the divine and eternity intersect.

Filling her canvases with broad strokes of rich contrasting colours, duRocher paints the different facets of time; time lingering, passing and fleeting. Bridging between ancient and contemporary, the figures in her works are a reminder that we, too, are a treasure of the past in the making.

Mixed media on handmade paper
20" X 20"
Busy Life
Mixed media on canvas
10" x 14"
Oil on canvas
8" x 8"
Défions le temps
Mixed media on canvas
20" x 20"
Le temple de Jaïra
Mixed media on canvas
42" x 42"
Moving Stars
Mixed media on marouffler paper
72" x 41"
Solstice d'été
Mixed media on canvas
48" x 10"
Traces du passé
Mixed media on canvas
40" x 40"
Residential District
Oil on canvas
44" x 36"
Mixed media on handmade paper
47" X 36"
Objets intemporels
Mixed media on paper
36" X 36"
Quand le temps s'arrête
Mixed media
70" X 38"
Le temps suspendu
Mixed media on handmade paper
48" X 60"
Gloire et solitude (triptych)
Mixed media on handmade paper
24" X 48"
The business district
Mixed media
60" X 40"
Mixed media on canvas
30" X 40"
Les dômes du Fort Agra
Mixed media
40" X 40"


Dialogue avec les anciens
Painting on handmade paper
47" X 36"
Between heaven and earth
Mixed media
40" X 67"


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