After several wonderful years, A Taste of Quebec has closed. The works of our celebrated artists can be viewed on their individual sites as listed below:

Carmen Abdallah
Jane Baronet
Nicole Belanger
Maude Blais
Anne-Marie Chagnon
Karine Demers
  Marie-Josée Desjean
Olivier Doray
José Drouin
Daniel Gingras
Karina Guévin
  Catherine Labonté
Christiane Paquin
Janine Parent
Guy Simoneau
Sylvain Tremblay

The space has been amalgamated with the Thompson Landry Gallery Cooperage Space, whose works and spaces can be further viewed online at:

The Thompson Landry Gallery is pleased to offer the catering services of A Taste of Quebec for specialty cheese stations at Gallery hosted events. Should you wish for more information about scheduling a cheese station at your upcoming event, please email us at


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