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Jérôme Rochette

Jérôme Rochette, the newest addition to the Thompson Landry Gallery roster, creates vibrant works of art that consider the ways in which reality can be translated into art. Rochette, who was born in 1978 in Quebec City, now lives and works in the city’s Saint-Roch district. He uses acrylics, spray paint, gesso, charcoal and markers on his canvases to create dynamic compositions that reflect his interest in biology, tattooing, and street art.

Rochette engages with subjects that range from mischievous foxes to retro camper vans in his signature dynamic style. By adding his own flourishes to faithful and realistic renderings of his subjects, Rochette invites viewers to consider the relationship between his illustrated subject matter and the artistic universe that he creates around it.

Rochette addresses the interplay between medium and subject by imbuing each work with his own unique visual language. Each piece combines a variety of materials and artistic approaches: lines of charcoal, large swathes of spray-painted color, and bright swipes of marker are layered upon a single surface to create a brilliant effect. The resulting pieces, which breach the divide between real and represented, face and fiction, reflect upon the very nature of artistic representation.

Mon Amour
Mixed media on canvas
26" X 44"
Golden Girlfriend
Mixed media on canvas
42" X 39"
Lovely Day (bear)
Mixed media on canvas
52" X 43"
Mixed media on canvas
40" X 37"
Mixed media on canvas
57" X 42"
My Birds
Mixed media on canvas
42" X 33"
Over the River
Mixed media on canvas
36" X 40"
In the sweet middle of us (beluga)
Mixed media on canvas
41" X 52"


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